.300 Winchester Magnum DM131 Armour Piercing

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This is a current armour piercing round for police or military designed and manufactured by MEN (Metallwerk Elisenhutte GmbH) of Germany.

7 mm High Velocity
7 mm High Velocity

The projectile features a tungsten penetrator held within a GM cup. The steel jacket has a grey finish that serves as identification. Note the classic bi-conic tip of the penetrator. Performance is impressive: 15mm of armour plate at 300m; 13mm at 600m.

The projectile weighs 198 gr (12.8 g). The muzzle velocity is 2904 f/s (885 m/s). The headstamp of this round is a non-descript: MEN .300WINMAG

This round is one in a series of APHC rounds produced by MEN. All feature the grey finished jacket. The other rounds in the series are: 9 x 19 (DM91), 5.56 x 45 (DM31) and the 7.62 x 51 (DM51).

7 mm High Velocity


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