7mm High Velocity

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This was one of several 7mm rounds (.270, .280, .280/30, 7mm Compromise and 7mm Second Optimum) developed post-WWII by Britain (and Belgium and Canada) as a new assault rifle round. The 7mm High Velocity was only made in Britain (and only by Radway Green).

While several loadings were made, the most common to be found by collectors is this ball loading with yellow tip. This is the Ball Type ‘B’ projectile with lead core and paper fiber tip. It weighs 140 grains. It had a muzzle velocity of 2750 fps (830 m/s). Typical of an experimental ball loading, the primer annulus is purple.

This round has a case length of 1.95” (49.5mm) and an overall length of 2.79” (71mm).

The headstamp is: RG 52 7M/M H.V.

7 mm High Velocity


References: British 7mm Ammunition by P. Labbett and P.J.F. Mead