Order past issues of The International Ammunition Journal

All issues of The International Ammunition Journals from 1955 to the latest issue are available as searchable digital .pdf files!

IAA Members Only - DVD with all journals 1955-2005 for only $50.00

Digital copies of The International Ammunition Journals are available to IAA members only on a DVD for 1955 through 2005 for $50 in the US, $56 overseas, $52 to Canada. This is a complete set of 446 issues covering 1955 through 2005 on a DVD which will be mailed to the purchaser by snail mail. This includes a copy of the cumulative index for all issues on the DVD. (Issues from 2006 to the present are available individually below.)

IAA Members and Non-Members - Individual digital issues of The International Ammunition Journal, $5.00 each

Individual digital copies are available for all journals from 1955 through the present for $5 each issue. (1978 and prior Journals are 2 for $5 because they were monthly). This offer applies to members and non-members alike. Individual issues are delivered by email only.

How to Order

Orders should be sent to Purchases@CartridgeCollectors.org and payment can be made though PayPal to this same email address. Please indicate if the order is for the DVD set covering 1955-2005 or individual issues. If the latter, be sure to list the issue number for each Journal you order.

Individual journals will be sent to your email address. DVDS will be sent by snail mail.