.30-06 Hollifield Dotter

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This was a training round that allowed a standard weapon to be used without live ammunition. The arrangement consisted of a spring loaded cartridge, a rod that slid in the barrel and a paper target set about 6 inches in front of the muzzle. The sliding rod would make a hole in the paper.

Here are 3 variations of the training round. These represent later variations and are based on the M1906 Dummy round. Headstamps are not important as these rounds were manufactured from existing rounds. Typical headstamps are from Frankford Arsenal and date late into the teens. Note the use of both hollow jackets modified to accept the rod and machined brass mock bullets. Cases can be tinned, or not.

The Hollifield Target Practice Rod Company existed from 1908 to 1927. The training device was patented by Horatio Hollifield in October 1907 (US Patent 867,728)

.30-06 Hollifield Dotter Variation 1
.30-06 Hollifield Dotter Variation 2
.30-06 Hollifield Dotter Variation 2 - reverse
.30-06 Hollifield Dotter Variation 3


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