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Cartridge of the Month July 2005

.280 High Velocity Magnum by Halger
Specimen and photos courtesy of Paul Smith

The .280 H.V. Magnum is based on the .280 Nitro (or Ross) case. It was developed around 1926 and as with all Halger rounds was manufactured by R.W.S.

The firm Halger (a contraction of Halbe and Gerlich) developed a number of high velocity rifle cartridges in the 1920's and 1930's. Gerlich also developed squeeze-bore rounds within the Halger series.

There were 3 loadings for the .280 H.V. Magnum (with projectiles weighing 100 grs., 143.5 grs. and 180 grs.). Advertised muzzle velocities for these 3 loadings were 3900, 3510 and 3043 fps respectively.

The sectioned round illustrated is loaded with the 100 grain projectile. The hollow copper tip is typical.

Reference: The Halger Series, W.H. Woodin, International Ammunition Journal, Issue 428, pp. 6-10. November/December 2002.

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