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Cartridge of the Month September 2005

12 Gauge (12 Bore) Explora
Specimen and photos courtesy of Paul Smith

This is a 12 ga (bore) hunting round dating from the 1920's to 1930's and used the trade name 'Explora'.

This interesting projectile was designed by Leslie Taylor and patented by Westley Richards. It weighs about 730 grains and was called the 'L.T.' Pointed bullet.

The case is brass and has 2 card board linings. The inner card board lining terminates and supports the card and fibre wads. This determines the seating depth of the projectile.

The cordite is very fine grained and mixed within is finely ground black powder.

Note how the hollow brass jacket is crimped over a second cupped piece of brass (which itself has 4 petals). Presumably the lead portion of the bullet was then cast around the assembled brass portion during manufacturing (as the brass plug portion has a reverse taper).

The headstamp is: 'star' KYNOCH 'star' No 12 Ball


References: The History and Development of Small Arms Ammunition, Volume 3, by George Hoyem. Armory Publications. pp. 26-28

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