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Cartridge of the Month April 2006

.30-06 Marsh Coulter Flare
Specimen and photos courtesy of Paul Smith


Marshall Coulter, of Tecumseh, Michigan, patented this flare shell in ca. 1960 and they were sold at the retail level for many years. They were still being advertised in the 1970's.



The projectile consists of a brass tube which is closed at one end. A piece of cannon fuse is lit upon firing and ignites the flare material which burns until it reaches a small charge of black powder. The black powder is designed to either rupture the brass tube or expel a secondary igniter and flare charge which burns brightly. The brass tube is sealed with a piece of cork and has a red sealant overtop of this. The flare has a maximum altitude of about 500 feet.

This round did not have a headstamp.

This flare was loaded for a variety of rounds in both .30 and .35 calibers.

References: .30-06 by Chris Punnett. Page 271


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