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Cartridge of the Month June 2006

12 Gauge Close Assault Weapon System (CAWS)
Specimen and photos courtesy of Paul Smith

The CAWS program was envisioned to be a multi-purpose weapon capable of anti-area, material and personnel roles within one firearm. The rounds dates from ca. 1985-1986. 

The weapon was designed by H&K and the ammunition by Winchester.  The rounds are easy to identify as they are all brass and have a belt at the base.  The belt was intended to serve 2 purposes. First, to strengthen the case head, and second, to ensure that this ammunition would not chamber in a regular shotgun.


The earliest loadings were with flechettes, but this was soon abandoned due the inability to achieve a stabilized launch which resulted in very poor accuracy. Tungsten buckshot (#2 Buck) was also loaded.


The most common loadings found are regular lead shot (both small shot (about #2) and buckshot (000 Buck). The last rounds developed are ones with aluminum heads and plastic bodies.





This is a sectioned loading of the typical lead buckshot loading.




This is a picture of 2 factory window dummy rounds (tungsten and lead) and an example
of the plastic and aluminum cased round. This is loaded with a #2 shot load under a clear orange top wad.





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