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Cartridge of the Month March 2006

The Pneumatic Bullet by Dominion Ammunition
Specimen and photos courtesy of Paul Smith

The pneumatic bullet was first mentioned in the Dominion Ammunition catalogue # 18 (1924) and last mentioned in catalogue # 22 (1948). It was replaced by the "copper point expanding bullet" in the 1952 (# 23) catalogue.

The projectile was developed to avoid deflection in the bush. As the Dominion Catalogue states "It has an "air-chamber ensuring the bullet mushrooming perfectly on hitting the point at which it is aimed. The bullet is particularly adapted for use in magazine rifles."

It was available in the following calibers: .300 Savage, .30-30 Winchester, 8mm Mauser, and .32 Special. [Picture from Dominion catalogue]

This round is headstamped 'DOMINION 303 SAV


The .303 Savage Pneumatic became available in 1930, (cat.# 19). Note the earlier box which mentions "patented in 1926 and 1929".

Particular thanks to Jean Dozois for providing this information and box labels.

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