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Cartridge of the Month December 2007

.280/.30 British
Specimen and photos courtesy of Paul Smith

This assault rifle caliber was one in a series tested in England following WWII.


The designation ‘.280/.30’ comes from the caliber (.280 cal.) and the base/extractor groove/rim (.30 cal) dimensions which were modified from the original design (called the .280) so as to match the .30 cal rounds being developed by the USA.



The headstamp is RG 49 280/30 and the primer has a purple primer seal. The tip colour is Eggshell Blue.
RG is Radway Green, the manufacturer.


Many bullets were developed. This particular loading is one of the armour piercing designs. The projectile weighs 130 gr. The core is comparatively blunt in profile (another was made which was more pointed).



I highly recommend the cited reference as the history and many of the variations which can be found by collectors are detailed.


Peter Labbett and P.J.F. Mead, British 7mm Ammunition, Technical Ammunition Guide Series 2, Pamphlet 1


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