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Cartridge of the Month May 2007

.321 Greener Multi-ball
Specimen and photos courtesy of Paul Smith

This a multiball loading of the .321 Greener. It was developed by W.W. Greener and was made from a modified .450-31/4” Nitro case. It dates from the mid-to-late 1920’s and was not a commercial success.


The distinctive longitudinal flutes retain the 3 projectiles. Note the top 2 bullets have a coned hollow base to accept the nose of the next projectile. The rearmost projectile is retained by a stab crimp at the bottom of each flute.





Note the use of "cordite" powder, and a "Berdan primer" (see the glossary for definitions of these and many other ammunition terms).


This round was not headstamped.


A single ball loading was also made. This was a 155 gr. softpoint loading.


Reference:       Hoyem, George, 1991, The History and Development of small arms Ammunition. Volume 3. Page 135


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