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Cartridge of the Month April 2008

7.92 x 57mm Mauser Work (Tool) cartridge [Dummy]
Wzg.Patrone s.S. (Werkzeug patrone – schweres Spitz – Geschoss)
Specimen and photos courtesy of Paul Smith

These are somewhat unique looking cartridges being shiny chromed finished. Used by ordnance techs, these rounds were used to conduct functional tests (such as extraction, feeding and ejection) and as such were close to the weight of a normal loaded round. The cases and projectile had holes drilled in them to further demonstrate the nature of the round. Although the German terminology translates most closely to "work (tool) cartridge, the U.S. terminolgy would normally be "dummy cartridge".

Daniel Kent's German 7,9 mm Military Ammunition 1888-1945 describes three types, all produced by Polte and either chromed or nickel plated (with either a bright or matte finish).


The earliest variant used a standard cartridge case, an inert primer and was loaded with either a s.S. or S.m.K. projectile. There was is a steel or brass spring to prevent the projectile from being pushed into the case. The headstamp on the illustrated round is P S* 24 39.


The next variant used a specially produced case with firing pin hole, a drawn bullet jacket and a magnesium alloy distance piece. The headstamp on the illustrated round is S* Heer 41 aux


The third variant (not illustrated) used a steel case and a plastic distance piece.


Daniel Kent, German 7,9 mm Military Ammunition 1888-1945 . pp. 75-76.

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