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Cartridge of the Month November 2008

5.56 x 45 NATO Armor Piercing
Specimens and photos courtesy of Paul Smith

Here are four different European approaches to development of an armor piercing round for the 5.56 x 45mm NATO caliber weapons.

Note that each takes a different approach to the same objective other than the common use of a hardened core of some type..

The four rounds above are shown in the same order in the phot below.

Top to bottom, they are:

French experimental AP, tungsten carbide penetrator. Note smooth cannelure above knurled crimping cannelure. Black tip. Headstamp is LM 5.56 4-84 ( a 3-position h/s)

Dutch experimental AP, tungsten penetrator. Black tip and green primer seal. Headstamp is NWM 5.56 67 (a 3-position h/s)

Belgian (FN) experimental AP, steel penetrator within a brass jacket. Black tip and primer seal. Headstamp is F N 66

Swedish AP. A tungsten carbide penetrator held in an aluminum boot and within a GM jacket. Headstamp is CG 96 (at 7 and 5 o’clock positions)





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