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Cartridge of the Month April 2009

5.45 x 18mm PSM
Specimens and photos courtesy of Paul Smith

The 5,45 X 18 was designed by Aleksandr Bochin in about 1968 but was only adopted in its final form in 1979, which is curious, considering the date of the weapon design. It was designed to have an excellent capacity of perforation in spite of its small caliber, due to a projectile which has a high sectional density.

Its final ballistic effects are remarkable against the personnel and the bullet-proof jackets in service at the time of its introduction: perforation of up to 45 layers of Kevlar at short ranges, plus 10 to 15mm dry wood, with residual energy to still be lethal.

This round is designated 7-N-7. It has a bottlenecked brass case, Berdan primer and a projectile which consists of a GMCS jacket, forward steel penetrator and a rear lead core with slight concavity.

The design of this round has been attributed to a female engineer, Antonia Deninskaya, or A.D. Denisova. The latter could have been with the head of the program but this is not currently verifiable.



Extract from: Munitions Militaires Russes Pour Armes Legeres 1868-2007 by Philippe Regenstreif, p. 25.


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