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Cartridge of the Month December 2009

9 x 19 CBAP
Specimens and photos courtesy of Paul Smith

This was a private venture British development by Conway Arms Company Limited of England. A variety of armor piercing loads were developed for pistol and submachine guns for use by law enforcement or military. CBAP stands for Conway and Brown Armour Piercing. This particular load is designated the MK2 for submachine gun and a box label specifically states that this load was not for use in pistols.


The projectile consists of a very hard steel core and a GM jacket. Note the knurling of the core which presumably allows for a non-slip surface between the jacket and core.


Surplus/commercially cases were used. In this instance, the headstamp is T Z 85.


Reference: Pistol-caliber Penetrators by Matt Collins, 2009. p. 124

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