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Cartridge of the Month June 2009

.50-70 Board Dummy
Specimens and photos courtesy of Paul Smith

As a caliber, the .50-70 (.50 caliber bullet and 70 grain black powder charge) was developed in the mid-1860’s and saw service as a US military cartridge until 1873 when it was replaced by the .45-70, although it remained in service with some militia units into the 1890’s. The round featured here is a commercial loading with ‘express’ type bullet.

This particular round was made up as a factory dummy round to be used on a display board. Note that there is no anvil or priming composition in the primer.


The round has no headstamp and utilizes a wood distance piece to keep the projectile from being knocked down into the case. Note the 2 mounting holes through which wire would be used to secure the round to the board.

Board Dummy loadings can be found in numerous calibers and variations.

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