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Cartridge of the Month May 2009

.22 Long Rifle Flechette
Specimens and photos courtesy of Paul Smith

There is not much documentation surrounding this round. It is thought to be a product of AAI (Aircraft Armaments, Inc.) and dates from the SPIW developmental program (late 1950’s to earl 1960’s). Whether it is an R&D product or designed with other intentions is unknown.

The round is relatively simple in construction, consisting of a 2-piece brass sabot which indexes with the notch in the coated steel flechette. The case neck is heavily crimped around the sabot. There is some variation in neck lengths, but this is thought to be manufacturing variation as opposed to distinct case types.

The headstamp is the ‘Super – X’ monogram.


Reference: Paul Smith, Variations of Military Experimental Calibers, page 060-021.


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