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Cartridge of the Month October 2009

.303 British Blank L Mark 7
Specimens and photos courtesy of Paul Smith

This is an interesting, but fairly short lived blank. It was adopted in 1939, but issued on a very limited basis. It was authorized only for use in machine guns with special barrels or attachments. Due to the nature of the design, there was a danger zone that extended beyond 20 yards in front of the gun. By September of 1942 the requirement for a bulleted blank had diminished and was never re-instated.


The bullet consists of a hollow round nose wood bullet filled with copper dust. The base of the projectile is filled with a hard resinous disc. The total weight of the projectile is 80 grains and the case was loaded with 39 grains of chopped cordite giving a muzzle velocity of  4,000 fps (1219 m/s).


This projectile is dyed blue and this round is headstamped R^L 39 L VII


Reference: .303 Inch by P. Labbett and P.J.F. Mead. 1988, pp.175-176

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