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Cartridge of the Month March 2010

British .375 Flanged with 270 grain pegged bullet
Specimens and photos courtesy of Simon Arnold

This Cartidge of the Month is the .375 Flanged British and the headstamp is K . 375.  The round was introduced in 1899 and is a straight rimmed 2 1/2" case. This was used in single shot and double barrel rifles for use against the smaller game in Africa/India.

Headstamp is K . 373.

The peg is in the 270 grain bullet is made from steel. The sectioned round was loaded with 40 grains of Cordite with a glazed card disc. Berdan copper primer.

"Pegged" was a term used at least by Holland & Holland, I've seen a photo of a box of 375 Flanged Nitro Express sold by H&H and the bullet is described as "270 Pegged".


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