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Cartridge of the Month May 2010

Glaser Safety Slug
Specimens and photos courtesy of Paul Smith

This ammunition was developed about 35 years ago by Jack Canon. It has gone through many variations and is now manufactured by Dakota Ammunition of Sturgis, SD.

It is manufactured in a wide variety of calibers, although primarily in handgun calibers.

Current production consists of 2 loads with a polymer ball in the tip. The one with a blue ball is loaded with compressed #12 shot and the silver tip is loaded with compressed #6 shot.

The round is marketed as a personal defense round having a rapid energy transfer with high wounding effect and relatively low penetration. The projectiles also weigh less than standard projectiles and have a corresponding higher velocity. The load in .45 ACP + P weighs 145 gr and has a muzzle velocity of 1350 f/s.

Early loads used pencil eraser to close the projectile, while later loads closed with a flat blue Teflon disc.

While sectioning, it appears that there is a small amount of a liquid in the shot matrix.

Off the shelf and surplus cases were used, so a variety of cases and headstamps will be found.

9mm with blue tip is headstamped W-W 9mm LUGER


.38 Spl with eraser is headstamped W C C 6 6


.357 with blue tip is headstamped R-P 357 MAGNUM


.45 ACP with eraser and nickeled case is headstamped R-P 45 AUTO


.45 Auto with blue tip is headstamped W-W 45 AUTO


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