St. Louis International Cartridge Show

April 17-20, 2019

Show Manager Vic Engel can be reached by phone at (570) 322-4283 or via e-mail by clicking HERE.

Show Rules & Regulations

  • All local, state, and federal laws, including tax laws, must be complied with. Forms will be available at the show.
  • This is a no-smoking show. Absolutely no smoking will be allowed in the ballroom, in the entrance to the ballroom, or at the banquet and auction. The hotel lobby is huge and is furnished with many comfortable couches and chairs with ashtrays nearby where you can enjoy your cigarette, cigar, or pipe.
  • Flares are specifically allowed if they are ammunition related. Examples include small arms caliber flares such as shotshell-type flare variations, small caliber survival flares, etc. If you have a flare that you think might be outside the norm, please call ahead of time. We will lean toward approving, not disapproving. Railroad or traffic control flares are not allowed since they have no connection with ammunition.
  • Grenades, hand or rifle, or other explosive devices, live or inert, such as blasting caps are not allowed.
  • Antique or modern powder cans in the one-pound range or smaller must be factory sealed if they contain powder. Other cans, including larger items and wood kegs, must be completely empty. No partial cans or loose powder can be allowed. Exceptions must be approved in advance.
  • Primer tins, percussion cap tins, etc. are allowed. If they contain primers or caps, all interior packing must be intact.
  • No live explosive ammunition, projectiles, or fuzes are allowed regardless of caliber. There is no caliber limit on inert ammunition, including artillery projectiles, but all components of all large caliber/artillery rounds must be able to be unscrewed/opened for inspection. If we can't see into it and see into all of it, it isn't allowed, even if it is marked "inert."
  • Fakes or reproductions that are intended to deceive are prohibited. Souvenir cartridges from collectors' events, or others such as factory "chickens" are allowed since they are not intended to deceive a potential buyer. Fakes include spurious color tips on bullets and complete fabricated cartridges such as the so-called "thin rim" Winchester 70-150.
  • No RPGs or LAWS type ammunition or launchers.
  • NO FIREARMS of any type, modern or antique, are allowed except as part of a display, and only with the show manager's explicit advance permission.
  • In the event of dispute or question about any item, the show manager's decision is final.
  • If you have a question about bringing something not addressed above, call or write in advance.
  • Show management assumes absolutely no liability for anything whatsoever, period. Each tableholder is responsible for his own table security during show hours. The halls will be locked by hotel security during non-show hours, and no one will be allowed in. By attending the show as either a tableholder or guest, you agree to abide by the show rules and terms.