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Cartridge of the Month December 2005

.577 2 3/4 inch
Specimen and photos courtesy of Paul Smith

The earliest .577 rounds were those loaded in 1866 and adopted as the 2" Snider cartridge.

Various sporting loads were developed in numerous case lengths up to 3 1/4".

The .577 2 3/4" round was in use for a number of years. Cartridges can be found from the early coiled cases to drawn brass with black powder loads to nitro-for-black powder loads.

This particular round is an early nitro-for-black powder loading. Later rounds has an "LC" in the headstamp and a projectile with a gas check.

A nitro load is also known, but these rounds used a full patched bullet.

This projectile is a standard paper patched 520 grain Express type with copper tube.

The powder is probably a Schultze type of nitro. The cotton wad was required to fill the void that would otherwise be created with the switch from a black to nitro powder. Schultze powder was one of the first smokeless powders made from treated sawdust and typically had the appearance of rough irregular granules.

This cartridge was headstamped: KYNOCH .577

References: Hoyem, George. The History and Development of Small Arms Ammunition. Volume 3 (The British sporting Rifle). 1991. Armory Publications: Oceanside. pp. 45-49.

Thanks also to Pete deCoux and Jim Buchanan who provided considerable insight on British sporting cartridges.


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