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IAA Forum
The International Ammunition Association Web Forum is a dynamic platform where members and interested individuals can connect, exchange information, and collaborate on projects related to the ammunition industry. Whether you’re seeking the latest news and advancements or looking to network with other professionals, our web forum is the place to be. Please familiarize yourself with the forum rules before participating. 

IAA Resource Center
Uncover a vast collection of documents and research resources on ammunition with the IAA Resource Center. As a member, you’ll have access to this premier collection, allowing you to stay informed and at the forefront of research in the field.

Ammunition Knowledge Hub
Discover a wealth of knowledge at the Ammunition Knowledge Hub, where you’ll find articles on ammunition, expert perspectives from past IAA journals, and valuable resources from the IAA Resource Center. Stay informed with updates on upcoming events and join the conversation with other professionals and enthusiasts in the field.

Cartridge Collectors’ Glossary
This comprehensive glossary of terms and definitions has been compiled from the insights and input of cartridge collectors over a five-year research period. The aim is for these terms to be widely adopted and used, promoting clear and effective communication within the world of cartridge collecting.

Ammunition Reference

Frequently Asked Questions about Ammunition Collecting and the IAA
Explore answers to common questions about ammunition collecting and the International Ammunition Association (IAA) on our Frequently Asked Questions page. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or just starting out, this page provides valuable information and insights to help you deepen your understanding of the ammunition industry and the IAA.

Headstamp Codes
Dive into our guide on headstamp codes. These markings on cartridge bases provide essential details about the ammunition’s origin, date, and specifications. We’ve organized the codes numerically, followed by an alphabetical list, and wrapped up with a section on unclear or suspect codes. Whether you’re a collector or just looking to understand more, this guide offers a clear breakdown of headstamp intricacies.

Bibliography of Books on Cartridges or Ammunition
A curated list primarily focusing on cartridge-oriented publications. It includes notable editions, some company histories, and government publications, aiding individuals in finding informative resources on cartridges and ammunition. – Compiled by Pete DeCoux

Links to Other Sites of Interest to Cartridge Collectors
A directory listing various external websites valuable to cartridge collectors. It includes sites belonging to International Ammunition Association (IAA) members and European Cartridge Research Association (ECRA) members, covering a range of topics within the field of cartridge collecting.


Collecting Specialties: History and Variations

An Introduction to Collecting .30-06 Cartridges
This page, authored by Chris Punnett, provides a comprehensive insight into the .30-06 cartridges, tracing their evolution, popularity, and the variations available for collectors. It offers guidance on how to start a collection, emphasizing the cartridge’s historical significance and global impact, especially in military use.

Introduction to Collecting the 9mm Parabellum (Luger) Cartridge
This document, authored by Lewis Curtis, delves into the 9mm Parabellum cartridge, outlining its development by George Luger at DWM in early 1902. Initially finding use in pistols, it later expanded into machine pistols during WWI. Curtis highlights the cartridge’s evolution into a standard ammunition in over 70 countries, detailing the different loads crafted over a century, from Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) ball loads to special subsonic loads for silenced firearms.

Dating Remington Cartridge Boxes
This detailed guide outlines the evolution of Remington cartridge boxes from 1911 to 2009, providing key dating points based on box types, colors, label colors, load index numbers, and company names printed on the boxes. Each era showcases the distinct characteristics of the boxes, aiding collectors in dating and authenticating their collections. With meticulous descriptions and examples, this resource serves as a comprehensive reference for understanding the historical transition of Remington cartridge packaging.

Dating Cartridge Boxes by Peters Cartridge Company
This informative page serves as a guide for dating cartridge boxes produced by the Peters Cartridge Company. It meticulously outlines the evolution of box designs, label styles, and other distinguishing features through different eras, aiding collectors in identifying and dating their Peters cartridge boxes. The guide provides a visual and descriptive journey through the historical changes in branding and packaging, making it a valuable resource for enthusiasts and collectors keen on understanding the heritage of Peters Cartridge Company’s products.


How-To Guides

Creating Cartridge Images Using a Scanner and Computer
Discover the art of creating digital images of your cartridges swiftly with this guide. Harness the power of a scanner and basic editing software to produce high-quality images for cataloging or sharing online, bringing out the intricate details of each cartridge with ease.