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Cartridge of the Month September 2006

.45-70 Multiball Cartridge
Specimen and photos courtesy of Paul Smith

Starting in 1901, Frankford Arsenal began loading multiball loadings for use in federal prisons. The first 1,000 rounds were loaded for guards at federal prisons. An additional 29,060 rounds were made in 1902.


Beginning in 1902 production of multiball cartridges (in both .45 and .30 cal) was increased because of an order from Washington requiring each post to keep on hand 10 rounds per soldier for use in case of riot. Commercial cases were used and as a result, mixed headstamps can be found within the same box.


During WW1 it was necessary to guard military installations. Two million rounds were manufactured by Remington for this purpose.


This sectioned round is likely from the 1903 and onwards production run as the headstamp is UMC 45-70. It is assumed that the 1917 production was probably headstamped REM-UMC.


This round has a smooth cannelure ca. 0.7" below the case mouth.


Unfortunately the powder charge was not weighted. It is thought that this may help indicate when the round was manufactured.





References: History of Modern U.S. Military Small Arms Ammunition, Vol. 1 (revised), Hackely, Woodin and Scranton. p. 215 and the IAA discussion forum (with thanks to Lee R., Randy Hedeen, Ray Meketa,  Ron Merchant and  John Moss).

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