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Cartridge of the Month October 2010

7.65 x 35 Furrer (Swiss)
Specimens and photos courtesy of Paul Smith

This round is among the first "short cased" military rounds developed.

This round was designed in 1921 for a self-loading carbine by Adolf Furrer who worked at the State Arms factory located at Bern, Switzerland.

It is based on a shortened 7.5 x 55 Model 1911 case.

The projectile weighs about 8 g (123 gr) and had a muzzle velocity of about 620 m/s (2,040 f/s).

Headstamps associated with this round are limited.

The weapon was a magazine fed (from the side) carbine with a short recoil, toggle type action.

Peter Labbett, Assault Rifle Ammunition 5.6 to 11mm, 2000. pp. 46-48.

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