International Ammunition Association Web Forum Rules

IAA Forum
The International Ammunition Association Web Forum is a dynamic platform where members and interested individuals can connect, exchange information, and collaborate on projects related to the ammunition industry. Whether you’re seeking the latest news and advancements or looking to network with other professionals, our web forum is the place to be. Please familiarize yourself with the forum rules before participating. 

  1. Professional Conduct: This forum is dedicated to technical and professional discussions. We expect all posts to be courteous and respectful.
  2. Respectful Communication: We maintain a positive environment. Personal attacks, sarcasm, belligerence, and condescension are strictly prohibited.
  3. Topic Restrictions: Discussions on reloading and sales of bulk ammunition are not permitted.
  4. Trading Compliance: Any offers to buy, sell, or trade ammunition or components must strictly adhere to all relevant laws. Additionally, such transactions are to be conducted exclusively in the designated Buy/Sell/Trade section, which is reserved for paying IAA members. Individuals who are legally prohibited from possessing these items are strictly forbidden from participating in these offers.
  5. Disclaimer of Warranties: The International Ammunition Association does not endorse or guarantee the accuracy of information on this forum. Evaluating the safety, fitness, or value of any ammunition or firearms should be done through consultation with qualified professionals.
  6. Moderation and Rights: The IAA webmaster and officers reserve the right to modify or remove content, and to suspend or revoke posting privileges at any time without prior notice. These decisions are final and not open to appeal.
  7. Forum Access Agreement: By accessing this forum, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to these rules; confirm there are no legal restrictions on your access to this information; and agree to indemnify the International Ammunition Association against any claims arising from your use of this forum.