Links to Other Sites of Interest to Cartridge Collectors

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*Pinfire Guns and Pinfire Cartridges– Aaron Newcomer’s website to fet his impressive collection of pinfire guns and ammunition as well as early books and documents supporting the topic.

*Lefaucheux Pinfire Forum– A community centered around everything related to the pinfire system and the Lefaucheux family of gun makers.

AAA Munitions– Maker of reproduction Civil War artillery ammunition using inert materials and adding “windows” to view the interior.

Ammo Guide Interactive – Interesting site aimed at reloaders with loading data, but also many features useful to collectors as well. “Cartridge ID and search” tool allows entry of cartridge dimensions (exact, greater or less than, or with tolerances) and will return list of those meeting specs entered. Some features are free but site has $9.95 per year fee for full access membership.

*Ammo – One – Collectible ammunition, hard-to-find ammunition, rare ammunition in singles ONLY (except for collectible and rare .22 boxes), rifle cartridges, pistol cartridges, European cartridges, military cartridges, rimfire cartridges, British cartridges and shotgun shells.

*Antique & Collectable Firearms & Militaria Headquarters– Separate catalog pages for Collectors Ammunition and heavy ordnance items plus guns, uniforms, manuals, etc.

*– a convenient resource center for information useful to all types of arms collectors

Antique Reloading Tool Collectors Association – Closely related to cartridge collecting Lots of info on old makers of tools and calibers that may help cartridge collectors.

Ammunition Specialist Association (ASA Bulgaria) – Multi-lingual site of the Bulgarian Cartridge Collectors

Association of Firearms & Toolmark Examiners– The professional association for ballistics/crime labs and experts.

Australian Cartridge Collectors Association– a great site loaded with good stuff on cartridges. Email here.

Belts, Links and Magazines for Machine Guns– a great listing wth photos of many varieties. – B.O.C.N. has been established to bring together military collectors and anyone interested in military ordnance to share their knowledge and information. Our aim is to become a valuable resource and aid for anyone dealing with ordnance recognition. Forum, photo galleries, etc.

*Cartridge Collectors Exchange– Guy Hildebrand’s site with items for sale or trade, plus many very informative examples of interesting items (unusual boxes, bandoleers, cartridge boards, etc).

* – Curtis Steinhauer has produced “The Worlds Largest Cartridge Collecting Web Site” which focuses on identification of cartridges. Massive tables showing dimensions, headstamps, makers, dates, etc with loads of photos. Very impressive and useful. Info also available on CD for your future reference. (Note- military 20mm and above are outside the scope of this site). – Excellent site with lots of information on Civil War era small arms ammunition and artillery projectiles. Note the article on detecting fake Whitworth bolts, among other good stuff.

Cornell Publications– Large assortment of reprinted catalogs from popular and obscure gun or ammunition makers.

** European Cartridge Research Association (E.C.R.A.)- Official website for this respected group.

** European Cartridge Research Association- German Speaking Group– (Patronensammler-Vereingung e V.) Official site of this segment of the E.C.R.A.

** European Cartridge Research Association- Italian Speaking Group Official site of this segment of the E.C.R.A.

European Patent Office– Here you can search for patent specifications from many countries including the UK and USA. They are available in PDF format and can be saved to your PC or printed directly. This is a “live” site in that the patent specifications come right up to the present day.

Federation of American Scientists- Military Analysis Network- U.S. Land Warfare Systems – Wide ranging source of information and links on many types of munitions from small arms up to artillery, bombs and ships. Other pages for other nations. Site has a distinct “peace and justice” slant, but info appears accurate.

* Gig Concepts Publications– Specializing in publications you won’t find from any other source; copies of rare or hard to obtain reference
material essential to the serious collector or researcher. Historical publications, catalogs, intelligence documents, specialized studies. Discounts for IAA members.– Firearms law specialist Alan Korwin’s site loaded with info on laws related to guns and ammunition. Good discussion on many specific topics. Source of books on gun laws of many different states.

*– Gyrojets, Finjets, Lancejets, Javettes, less-lethal … Here you will find information describing the first-ever book about the miniature rockets invented by Robert Mainhardt and Arthur T. Biehl, Ph.D., in 1960 when they co-founded MBAssociates (MBA). “An Introduction to MBA Gyrojets and Other Ordnance,” by long-time Gyrojet researcher, historian, collector, and Mainhardt confidant Mel Carpenter, covers the development of Gyrojets, Finjets, Lancejets, Javettes, Flares, Less-Lethal ammunition, etc. and the experimental, prototype, test, and production firearms (some of which were unknown until now) and launchers – over 60 of them – that fired them.
The site includes a free sample chapter, free updates to the book as PDF downloads, serial number information, and MBA Gyrojet items for sale from time to time. – Exceptionally well done and comprehensive French language site focused on French aviation, and WW2 military aviation matters. Superb section dealing with aircraft munitions (both gun ammo and bombs) of the French forces, and the German Luftwaffe from WW1 through WW2. This is an also home to reach an archived section dealing with a broad range of older small arms and artillery ammunition,, which is also an exceptionally well done and informative site. A Varied and Detailed Display of Collectable Military Ordnance
with Technical and Historical Commentary

** MSELECT– Web page offering software to manage cartridge collections (not ID, but track inventory) and also software to make headstamp drawings. Software in French, English, German, Spanish and Italian. Click on English flag at top left corner for English language.– Spanish language site with loads of photos, tables, ID help for all type of cartridges, and also machine gun links, stripper clips, magazines, mortar ignition/propulsion charges, caseless cartridges, etc. Excellent site, will take some time to explore.

New Zealand Cartridge Collectors Club: NZCCC would be delighted to hear from anyone interested in New Zealand cartridges or related materials.

*Pete deCoux- An auction house for Ammunition & Related Items. Free sample catalongs available on the website, along with info from past sales.

Portuguese Cartridge Collectors Association (APCM) – Forum, articles, etc, all in Portuguese language, but easy to get the gist of things.

Remington Society of America – devoted to “all things Remington” including ammunition, arms, etc. This collectors group also publishes a superb quarterly Journal.

RTG Sporting Collectibles– Collectible and obsolete ammunition in original boxes, specializing in US sporting calibers.

Shotshells – A French/English language site devoted exclusively to shotshells.

Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturer’s Institute (SAAMI)– The industry group that sets standards for ammunition.

World War Cultural Association (Munitions) – Italian language site with extensive information on Italian cartridges, and some others. Part of a much larger site with a wide range of related historical and arms type material, links, etc.